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The Sales College of NW Ohio, Inc.

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Training for Successful Behavior

  • How well can you "read" others?
  • Are you an expert listener?
  • Are you changing your sales presentation to  match your customer learning style?
  • How well do you know yourself?

See What Our Students Are Saying:

"The Sales College.....
teaches you how to better interact with people....."
David R. 

I'm not sure I could have 
survived the first year of sales without your help!
Bill H.

Through understanding yourself and others, it's easy to change your behavior.  Thus, you become more effective in getting your message across to your customers.  And this equates to higher sales.
- Gary Brown

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Tell me about yourself.....

What we do

The Sales College of Northwest Ohio, Inc. has been creating excellence in the sales industry since 1996.  We teach communication skills and life lessons to sales professionals throughout Northwest Ohio.  Over 600 sales professionals have experienced growth in their field since 1996.


Who would benefit

  • The Sales Professional who would like to grow in their industry.
  • The Sales Manager who would like to train their sales force to perform at a higher level.
  • The Business Owner who would like to increase customer satisfaction.


Why Choose Us

What Our Students Are Saying:

  • I've studied personality styles in my human services career. I never equated how that information could help in my new sales career. Thanks Gary!   

  • I learned what was blocking me from closing my clients and now I 've increased my sales dramatically.  Thank -you Sales College.



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